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Family: Liliaceae


Light: direct sun (4 or more hours per day)


Dimension: vary from 30x30cm up to 9-18mx3m


Description: aloe5

Aloe in a genus that contains about 200 different species and are native to the drier parts of Africa, from Madagascar and Arabia; it is grown in warm tropical areas and cannot survive freezing temperatures. They are succulent plants that consist of 95% water. Aloe has perennial, strong and fibrous roots and numerous, fleshy leaves, proceeding from the upper part of the root, usually beset at the edges with spiney teeth. The flowers are produced annually in the spring, on erect, terminal spikes and vary between red, yellow or purplish colour.


aloe5The soil should be moderately fertile, and fast draining. Established plants will survive a drought quite well, but for the benefit of the plant, water should be provided. During the winter months, the plant will become somewhat dormant, and utilize very little moisture. During this period watering should be minimal. Allow the soil to become completely dry before giving the plant a cup or two of water. During the summer months, the soil should be completely soaked, but then be allowed to dry again before re-watering. The water shouldn't stay at the base of the leaves.


In spring it's better to repot your Aloe in a bigger planter; choose a wide pot, rather than a deep one. You may also use a packaged 'cacti mix' soil.


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1. Aloes are propagated by removing the offsets which are produced around the base of mature plants, when they are a couple inches tall (or larger).
2. They may also be grown from seed.


aloe11Other: Although most Aloes have some medicinal or commercial value, the most commonly known is the Aloe barbadensis, better known as Aloe vera. The medicinal properties of Aloe vera have been known, and recorded since biblical times. It has been used for a variety of ailments, and as an ointment for burns, cuts, and rashes, as well as an ingredient in various beauty preparations.  Life giving even magical properties have been attributed to the plant. Egypt that it was considered to be the "Plant of Immortality". Drawings of the aloe plant have even been found in the tombs of pharaohs.

Articole asemănătoare

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    O planta rezistenta ce are nevoie de mai putina ingrijire decat alte specii, aloe vera este si un remarcabil purificator natural al aerului

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    Cunoasteti motivele pentru care planta aloe vera si-a castigat prestigiul in domeniul farmaceutic?

  • Spiral Aloe (Aloe polyphylla)

    Spiral Aloe este o planta ce creste in zonele montane bazaltice (Muntii Maluti) din Lesotho (Africa de Sud).

  • Aloe Vera, o planta miraculoasa

    Denumita de vechii egipteni si chinezi "elixirul tineretii", "planta nemuririi" sau "remediu armonios", Aloe Vera este o planta medicinala care are efecte benefice asupra sanatatii si totodata este principalul ingredient utilizat in industria cosmetica.

  • Sanatate cu Aloe Vera

    Aloe vera este o planta aproape magica, cunoscuta inca din antichitate pentru virtutile ei terapeutice cu totul speciale. Vechii egipteni foloseau aloe pentru intretinerea frumusetii, chinezii o numeau medicamentul armoniei, iar amerindienii vindecatorul tacut, iar rusii ii spun elixirul longevitatii.